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Adobe Pet Hospital is dedicated to provide a standard of excellence in Veterinary dentistry.  Dental care is vital to the overall health of our pets, as periodontal disease can result in systemic bacterial infections that damage the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Scaling and polishing of teeth is a routine part of our dental program.


Advances in veterinary dentistry pursued by our hospital include:

      • State-of-the-art ultrasonic scaler to clean the teeth without causing damage to the tooth surface.
      • Digital dental radiographs are performed to give us a complete picture of what is happening under the gumline, as 70% of our patients dental disease occurs under the gumline.
      • Teeth are polished to a smooth surface after scaling.
      • Air-driven drills to facilitate smooth and complete extraction of diseased teeth.
      • If extractions are deemed necessary, we utilize appropriate local and systemic pain control during and after each procedure.
      • Utilization of appropriate dental products during and after the dental procedure to keep the mouth healthy.
      • Our patients are closely monitored under anesthesia with continuous blood pressure monitoring, SPO2, ETCO2, and ECG while they receive their dental care.  We provide active heating to keep them comfortable and they receive intravenous fluid support to maintain healthy blood flow to all their systems.
Pets undergo an awake oral exam, followed by an anesthetized exam of each individual tooth with probing to detect any diseased gum pockets, hand and ultrasonic scaling of plaque and tartar above and below the gumline, polishing and application of a plaque preventive treatment. Home care is discussed to keep teeth healthy between professional cleanings.

Teeth that are painful due to fractures or feline resorptive lesions, mobile due to advanced periodontal disease/infection, and retained deciduous (milk) teeth require surgical extracting.

All dentistry patients receive pre-anesthetic labwork, IV fluids, analgesics, dedicated and complete anesthetic monitoring, and a fleece vest and/or warming blanket during the procedure. Home care is discussed to keep teeth healthy between professional cleanings.

A consultation prior to dentistry services helps determine the extent and estimated cost of your pet’s recommended dental services.


Who We Are

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of veterinary care to every patient based on the values of respect, compassion, and integrity. We honor your special connection with your pet, and we are so proud to provide the very best care available, while offering a wide range of treatment options to work with your individual needs. 


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